Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Inspirational journey culminates in the new Chris O’Brien Lifehouse facility opening in 2013.


The Brief

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse required a core PAS/EMR solution that would integrate into its wider ICT architecture. Initially they utilised the Sydney LHD instance of Cerner Millennium to support their requirements until they implemented their long term chosen solution, MEDITECH. MKM Health was engaged to help design the integration architecture and to build all HL7 messages via a local broker solution.

Our Client

Inspired by world’s best practice, the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is an integrated and patient-focused centre of excellence and caters for all cancer patient needs at the one location. In late 2013, Chris O’Brien opened its outpatient clinics for a range of cancers, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, allied health services, complementary therapies through its integrative medicine centre – the LivingRoom, research and clinical trials, followed by the opening of its Day Surgery Unit for cancer related procedures in 2014. Inpatient facilities will open in early 2015.

The Situation

MKM Health has worked closely with the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in the role of project director, solution architect and integration architect. We started our journey with them when there was no new building,and no one legacy IT application. We assisted in the design of the solution architecture and provided an innovative solution for the integration of all their patient based systems.

The Solution

  • Integration architecture for the new hospital and system implementation advice for the core Patient Administration System (PAS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution
  • Cost effective EMR integration services so the vendor could concentrate on the implementation of their core solution, whilst removing the risk associated with complex interfaces
  • Open source integration broker and HL7 interfaces providing a robust and reliable solution and allowing local control of data in a setting where the EMR was licensed. The interface integrates with Sydney LHD Cerner PAS/EMR and all downstream systems including; ADT, billing, appointments, pharmacy, pathology, imaging, referrals, & clinical documents. This solution has also enabled result messages from a number of external pathology and radiology suppliers (DHM, Alfred Imaging, Laverty, Healthscope)
  • HL7 appointment messages from Cerner (Medical Oncology) and Aria (Radiation Oncology) into a central repository. These appointments are available for internal reporting and the patient itinerary view
  • Data store and reporting tools we have provided a flexible, dynamic reporting tool which allows for local and government reporting. The data store collates and validates data from a number of sources and provides a range or executive dashboards via Qlikview®
  • Open source DICOM archive was provided at a fraction of the cost of a commercial Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). It is a central repository to store images from external providers (including Storz Endoscopy) and will link them to the new MEDITECH EMR solution

The Result

MKM Health delivered an effective, local solution which enabled Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to be in control of its own messaging. This solution has allowed them to maintain their own data store of patient and appointment data which has been used for reporting and migration purposes.


“I have found the MKM team to be exemplary throughout the time they have been engaged on the Lifehouse project. We are confident that our partnership with MKM will position Lifehouse at the forefront of technology based healthcare, from both a clinical and patient perspective.”

Anne Marie Hadley, Chief Information Officer, Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

The Future

MKM Health has also been instrumental in the scheduling build, integration and reporting aspects of Stage 2 of the project. This project will see the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse open an ICU department, two inpatient floors and a number of operating theatres in 2015. In order to support this next stage we are assisting the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse with the transition to the MEDITECH PAS/EMR.