MKM ImageConnect

Empowering clinicians at the point-of-care


MKM ImageConnect gives power to clinicians to view and store patient related images, videos, and documents at the point-of-care thereby reducing frustration and administration while saving time and improving workflow.

MKM Health draws on our detailed knowledge and experience in health IT and resources experienced in image management, to use existing systems and solutions to create an image archive and integrated viewer.

An economical and integrated solution, MKM ImageConnect securely stores, distributes, archives, and manages patients’ digital images from a clinical web viewer integrated with the EMR at an enterprise level.

Solution overview:

  • Patient images are easily accessible within the patient medical record
  • Availability of images resulting in improved patient care and communication between clinicians
  • A consolidated patient view by providing for better patient tracking over time
  • Improved workflow, resulting in less manual/paper-based processes
  • Fast-to-market solution, meaning less drain on resources and budget
  • No disruption to current systems and less redundant data
  • Uses existing infrastructure so no additional expenses are required for plugins and add-ons
  • Less custom work as solution is IT standard based - HL7 and DICOM compliant
  • Scalable - can connect additional providers, departments, hospitals